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Ame and Doug Van Dyke

Author: Luke Straub
November, 2019 Issue

E.R. Sawyer is a Santa Rosa institution, serving the community as its premium jewelry store for an incredible 140 years, spanning four generations. Owners Doug and Ame Van Dyke share a passion for customer service, and they also share a life together—the married couple has known each other for more than 30 years. Each a Sonoma County native and longtime Santa Rosa resident, they have four children, ranging from age 15 to 25. When they’re not working at E.R. Sawyer’s Fourth Street location, they most enjoy spending time with the family. Doug, who represents the fourth generation of E.R. Sawyer, also likes to play and watch golf. Ame spends her spare time contributing to nonprofit causes, and she keeps her writing skills—learned at the University of Puget Sound—sharp, producing E.R. Sawyer’s marketing material. Ame prides herself on her willingness to spend time and effort to help friends and neighbors in need, and Doug always keeps his family, business, clients and community in mind when making decisions.

What’s your most treasured piece of jewelry?
Doug: My wedding ring and my grandfather’s ring. I wear both every day.
Ame: My wedding ring and a pendant with the diamond from my mother’s engagement ring. My mother gave it to me when my father passed away.

Where/how did you two meet?
Ame: Funny enough, we met in the store when I was 18 years old. He asked me out after fixing my necklace.

Have you written anything lately?
Ame: Other than marketing pieces, I keep a journal for our youngest daughter who attends boarding school. I keep a journal of my thoughts, school events we take part in, our conversations that I think she will want to remember and fun memories we make along the way.

What are you most proud of with your non-profit work?
Ame: I’m proud of how many amazing causes we’ve been able to help and be a part of.  Making a difference in our community is very important to me. 

What’s your favorite major golf tournament? 
Doug: The Masters. You gotta love the green jacket. I even have a replica in the closet from an old CYO golf tournament my buddy and I won.

Who is your favorite golfer, past or present?

Doug: Jack Nicklaus. I always watched him play growing up.

How competitive are you?
Ame: On a scale of 1-10, we’re both a 12. But we’re always good sports.

Do you ever double- or triple-check things? If so, what?

Doug: Not so much
Ame: Or quadruple, and then I check one more time on Doug’s things. (Smile face emoji)

If you could listen to just one music album, what would it be?
Ame: We love so many different genres and eras of music that this would be impossible.

What was the one vacation that lasted too long?
Ame: We had an amazing trip to Paris this last summer with our two girls. How could one ever say that a trip to Paris is too long? But we stayed in a VRBO (vacation rental by owner) with no air conditioning during the worst heat wave Paris has ever had.  We enjoyed every minute, but we were ready to come home.

What songs, if any, have you completely memorized?

Ame: My Wish by Rascal Flatts. It was our wedding song, it’s Doug’s ringtone and our family loves the words and message.




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