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Lawrence Amaturo

Columnist: Mallorie Kerrigan
December, 2018 Issue

Mallorie Kerrigan
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When Lawrence Amaturo acquired NorthBay biz magazine in December of 2017, he added the 43-year-old company to his long list of locally-thriving businesses. As the man behind Amaturo Sonoma Media Group, Splash Express Car Wash and co-owner of Jim Bone Auto Group, he has his finger on the pulse of the community.

You may have heard him on one of his many radio stations—KSRO News Talk, 97.7 The River, Froggy 92.9, K-HITS 104.9 and HOT 101.7 FM. “I’m a total Cali transplant,” he says. “Born in Indianapolis, raised in Fort Lauderdale, schooled in Tennessee and New York City. As I was headed from Florida to California in 1995, someone I admired put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye, and told me he was certain I’d be a Californian for the rest of my life. Twenty-three years later, his prediction is looking pretty strong!”

 Amaturo lives in the downtown McDonald area of Santa Rosa with his wife of 19 years, award-winning dermatologist Susan Chinn Amaturo, and their twin teenage daughters, Lauren and Lily.

At what age do you hope to retire?

Only health-related causes will force that to ever happen.


If you had a yacht, what would you name it?

The “SS Available for Charter.” I’d hate to see it sitting around, gathering barnacles.


If you could arrange a concert with any three musicians or groups to play on one same bill, who would you invite?

Led Zeppelin, The Police and Jimi [Hendrix].


What was your first car?

She was a real “beaut;” a true land yacht.  First handed down from my grandfather, then to each of my three older sisters, and then to me! She was a massive, two door, mustard-colored Chevy Impala, complete with phony convertible top and a CB radio.


When you’re at the movies, what’s your go-to snack at the concession stand?

Popcorn—every time.


Have you ever inhaled? (Readers want to know.)

I can’t stand weed. I see first hand how it’s sapping motivation, excellence and free will from young people.


What advice would you give someone who is going into a leadership position for the first time?

The same advice I received, “Listen and question how things are done as long as you possibly can, because once you announce, ‘I got it!’ you can never turn back.”


What are you most proud of?

My family—my relationship with my wife, and how well our daughters are maturing into young women.


Who is your mentor?

My dad, Joe Amaturo—a badass from The Bronx who was determined to “have it all,” then summarily gave it back to the charities he loves.


What is the worst purchase you’ve ever made?

That’s an easy one. It was a late night TV purchase of a ridiculous set of golf clubs known as WedgeWoods. The TV announcer kept screaming, “Feels a like wedge, plays like a wood!” (We’re still in litigation.)


What lasting lesson did you learn from your parents?

We said our prayers every night at dinner growing up; Susan and I maintain that to this day with our own children. It grounds us.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

There were times in my life when I never thought I’d find a woman who loved me as much as I loved her. Having Susan in my life is hands down my greatest treasure.



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