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February Sports

High school football games can bring a community together. Tailgating, the ruthless rivalry between teams and energized mascots are a sure thing, but for Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa, football has helped a community obtain normalcy and hope.  During the October wildfires, the high school was severely damaged. Classrooms, offices and athletic facilities were destroyed while 113 students and faculty members were displaced. Of those, five members of the football team (three seniors and two juniors) were directly affected as well as two coaches. Quarterback Beau Barrington lost his home, and the night of the fires, a lot of people connected with football families to help the displaced, says coach Paul Cronin. 

“The place they went to for the last four years was gone,” says Cronin of the team’s loss. For the next three months of the remaining football season, Cronin says he and the team spent a lot of time together, while trying to not disrupt those who stepped in to help. Team dinners were hosted before games at several families’ homes, and facilities at surrounding schools kept the team practicing and together. “The most challenging thing was those who lost their homes, didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s season or comfort. Being at someone else’s house sometimes felt like a nuisance,” he says. 
Cronin and the team remained optimistic and positive for the remaining season. “The general message throughout was that we have something we can make special,” Cronin says. “We can continue to bring our Newman family together with the games.” That motivation led the team to the finals.
“We’re looking forward to being back on site next season,” says Coach Cronin. 
For updates and information on Cardinal Newman rebuilding progress, or how to help, visit their website at

Strange But True

Q. Mathematically speaking, Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry shouldn’t exist, says “Mental Floss” magazine. But he does and so do his numbers. Can you cite a few of these as envisioned by the numbers crunchers Bethlehem Shoals and Silverbird 5000?
A. Curry is a 190-pound, 6’3” human package who possesses “outrageous core strength” and can deadlift 400 pounds for a ratio rivaling competitive bodybuilders, say the crunchers. And this one’s so amazing it sounds “ridiculous:” The NBA three-point line ranges from 22-24 feet from the basket, yet Curry regularly sinks shots from 30 feet—more than anyone in the league. He succeeds in making 46.7 percent of his shots from far behind the three-point line, whereas the NBA as a whole makes only 45.2 percent of its shots from anywhere. Last season, Curry made 21 30-foot three-point shots, while NBA runner-up Klay Thompson made only three. 
Though it’s doubtful Curry spends much time thinking about milliseconds as he pumps the ball basketward, it takes him only 300 milliseconds to shoot. That’s about one-third of a second, or faster than the blink of an eye!
Overall, this most valuable player (2015-2016 season) made “50 percent of his baskets, 45 percent of his three-point shots, and 90 percent of his free-throw opportunities, becoming the seventh member of the prestigious ’50-40-90 club,” joining giants like Larry Bird.” The odds of doing this in a season? 1 in 1,254. 
Source: Bill Sones and Rich Sones, Ph.D

The curry #30

Want to watch Bay Area basketball while sipping an epic cocktail? At EPIC Steak, a contemporarysteakhouse and athlete-favorite on San Francisco’s waterfront, they’ve created a unique cocktail in honor of Warriors MVP, Steph Curry. The Curry #30 cocktail is golden in color and made up of Mount Gay Barrell Aged Rum, Angostura bitters, lime juice, grapefruit juice and house made garam masala syrup. Celebrate the Warriors basketball season with this seasonal cocktail. For more information, visit



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