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October 2014 Tastes

Drink Your Veggies

It’s true that even in our area of amazing earthly bounty, there are people among us who don’t like to eat their vegetables. So why not drink them? OK, before you go thinking we’re crazy over here at NorthBay biz, we were a little hesitant at first, too. But guess what? Daily Greens makes delicious stuff that’s an easy, hydrating pathway to health.
This Austin-based, cold-pressed green juice company was founded in 2012 by breast cancer survivor Shauna Martin. Her goal: to encourage health for all. Each 16-ounce bottle contains nine servings of raw vegetables and fruit pressed into it, seasonally sourced from organic farmers. We sampled the lineup of its juices, available at Whole Foods Market and select Oliver’s Markets, and each had us wanting more. Their flavors are well balanced—not too sweet or too much like what most would think of as “vegetable juice.” They taste more like regular juice, just with a different color. Selections have names like “Replenish” (only available at Whole Foods right now), a “chocolate hemp milk” blend (no, there’s no chocolate in it, but you’d never guess that without knowing so), “Harmony,” which is sweet with a hint of ginger, and “Renew,” which is especially hydrating and contains watermelon. You get the picture. There’s a new way to get your vegetables—and enjoy them while you’re at it.

A Healthy Kraving

In 2009, former wine brat Jon Sebastiani was looking for a healthy, high-protein snack while training for the New York marathon. “I began eating jerky not just as a training snack, but often as a meal,” he recalls. But he disliked the chemical-laden, tough, often tasteless versions available commercially. An entrepreneur at heart, he saw an opportunity.
“If made properly, jerky can be as healthful as any energy or protein bar or Greek yogurt,” says Sebastiani, who cites his mother, cookbook author Vicki Sebastiani, as his culinary inspiration.
His solution: KRAVE, an artisan jerky brand that’s all natural, gluten free and virtually fat free. Better yet, it’s delicious. Using only domestic meat (beef, pork and turkey) from USDA-certified and inspected ranches and farms, KRAVE comes in tantalizing, often unexpected flavors, like Basil Citrus, Sweet Chipotle and Black Cherry Barbecue.
“I wanted the flavors to cover the whole range from mild to spicy and from sweet to savory,” he says. A new line called KRAVE Artisanal, developed with Chef Jens Hoj exclusively for Whole Foods, will include Wine Country inspirations like Cabernet Rosemary and Chardonnay Thyme.
In addition to a quick gourmet snack, Sebastiani encourages KRAVE culinary creativity by including recipes on the brand’s website and social media sites, and by teaming with wine and beer producers for unique pairing suggestions.
KRAVE is available at grocery and specialty stores nationally.

Milking It

Petaluma family farmers Missy and Joe Adiego have found a way to combine two North Bay traits—a love for organic food and an adventurous palate—into a unique grocery offering: Haverton Hill Creamery bottled sheep’s milk. “We did some research and, as far as we can tell, we’re the only ones doing this,” says Missy. And though it may sound odd at first, there are many reasons to give it a try.
Unlike cow’s milk, sheep’s milk is naturally homogenized and easily digestible by the lactose intolerant. It also contains three times more protein, is higher in calcium, lower in saturated fat and contains higher amounts of vitamins A, D, E, B12, folic acid and up to twice as many minerals—like calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorous. But more than that, “It really tastes good,” says Missy, who describes it as “comparable to whole cow’s milk but a bit sweeter, with a slightly nutty taste.”
In addition to tending their flock of more than 900 sheep (extra milk is supplied to a local cheesemaker), the couple has been making the rounds at local grocery stores, offering samples to curious consumers. If you’d like to give it a try, it’s available across the North Bay and in San Francisco (check the website for retail locations).



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