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October 2016 Picks

Go with the Flow

Sometimes a solution is so simple it doesn’t seem realistic, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Such is the case with Daily Clean Your House Flow, a quick and easy-to-use process to calm your emotions, clear your mind and ease physical discomfort.

Using principles of basic acupressure, Deborah Myers, director of Health at Your Fingertips, used the system first as a way to ease her own chronic pain. When she shared the techniques with clients, friends, parents and educators, she began hearing about positive changes both from individuals and in group settings. Myers used the feedback to refine the system, ultimately developing one application for classrooms and one for families.

“At school, I use the Flow with my students daily,” writes Lara Futch, a parent and third grade teacher in Santa Rosa. “It helps keep them calm, yet still enthusiastic and active learners.”

A 6.5-minute animated video is easy to follow and keeps kids engaged; the first 90 seconds is available for preview on the website. A concise accompanying book is available as an epub, pdf or Kindle download. The Daily Clean Your House Flow takes only minutes to perform (so you can do it more than once throughout the day) and it’s a valuable stress-relieving tool for all ages.

A Softness Solution

As West Coasters, our skin is exposed to sun pretty much year-round—and if we’re not careful, those rays can cause dryness, roughness and even permanent damage. Of course, sunscreen is the best daily protection, but often it’s too thick or greasy for everyday use—especially under makeup. Trilipiderm SPF 30 combines skin rehydration with protection against the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB radiation while helping to restore some of the essential Vitamin D required for healthy skin. An added bonus: no funky sunscreen smell!

The company offers a complete line of hydration products made from all natural ingredients (like meadowfoam, olive, chamomile and calendula, jojoba, beta sitosterol and Abyssinian oil) to help relieve and prevent skin dryness, including All-Body Moisture Retention Crème, Rehydration Night Crème and newly launched Ultra-Hydrating All-Body Oil. The products work together to restore essential lipids and rebuild your skin’s protective barrier to maintain its vital moisture balance. All are nongreasy, fast absorbing, noncomedogenic, not tested on animals and contain no paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum or titanium dioxide.

Define Your Style

After being downsized from her job as a college bookstore manager, Thomasin Alyxander “threw caution to the wind” and founded Ubeadquitous in Windsor. The storefront offers loose beads, kits, classes and events for those who want to create wearable works of art. In August, Alyxander published 26 Quick Stitched Elements: Endless Jewelry Possibilities (published by Kalmbach Books), an inspirational how-to book that breaks down intricate beadweaving and stringing techniques. Combining written instructions with photographic and illustrated guides, the book offers templates for beautiful individual components that can then be combined in myriad ways for unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.;



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