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Water Wisdom

Author: Joe Paternoster
Apr, 2014 Issue

Engaging in a simple mental exercise can help people realign their thoughts about water and, therefore, their water use: Just pretend water isn’t free.

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How to Protect Wood with Lower VOC Finishes

Author: John Barnes
NBB Top 500, Mar, 2014

Low-VOC, water-borne, alkyd finishes penetrate wood rather than just sit on the surface; they’re also easier to maintain and are more durable.

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Sonoma Clean Power: What It Means to You

Author: Geof Syphers
Mar, 2014 Issue

A quick overview of what Sonoma Clean Power does and how its products will be delivered.

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Growing Trends in Corporate Sustainability

Feb, 2014 Issue

While companies may not talk about climate change per se, many are being buffeted by its effects. Similar issues, including deforestation and shrinking biodiversity, are affecting the availability of agricultural products. As a result, companies are increasingly connecting the dots between risk management and corporate sustainability. That, in turn, is making sustainability issues more prominent.

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Vineyard Erosion Control Regulations: What Next?

Author: Stephen Ferry, PE
Jan, 2014 Issue

With proposed requirements now withdrawn, what’s in store for local vineyard owners’ stormwater management practices?

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By Nature's Design: Forest Stewardship in Action

Author: Lorraine Alexander
Dec, 2013 Issue

Throughout the world, ancient cultures have demonstrated a reverence for trees as part of their core belief. Have we lost our way in the midst of progress and growth?

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Sustainability in Action

Author: Marissa LaMagna
Nov, 2013 Issue

Bay Area Green Tours offers experiential tours and events for public, private and educational groups, connecting them to Northern California’s environmental epicenter.

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Black Magic Goes Green

Author: Barbara Lee
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2013

Once considered outside the norm of science, plasma energy now offers groundbreaking vineyard solutions.

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Grow to Learn

Author: Lisa Preschel
Oct, 2013 Issue

The School Garden Network of Sonoma County provides grants, networking opportunities and other direct support to instructional school garden projects in Sonoma County.

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Welcome to the Roundtable

Author: Pamela Lanier
Sep, 2013 Issue

The newly formed Northbay Ecotourism Roundtable is scheduled to meet for the second time on September 11, 2013.

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Roofs to Roads: Paving the Way to Zero Waste

Author: Casey Mazzoni
Aug, 2013 Issue

For many reasons, recycled shingles represent a more economical option.

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Green Smiles

Author: Ina Pockrass
Jul, 2013 Issue

In 2008, we founded the Eco-Dentistry Association (EDA), making it easy and cost-effective for the dental industry to shift to green practices and educating the public about the benefits of eco-friendly dentistry.

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Companies Doing Well and Doing Good

Author: Dr. Robert Girling
Jun, 2013 Issue

Being a good company means a commitment to the environment, employee welfare, sustainable practices and community.

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Going Solar: A How-to Guide

Author: Nate Gulbransen
NBB Best Of, May, 2013

Choosing the right solar energy company, equipment and financing option can be the difference between having a reliable power supply and having an expensive liability.

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The Kill-a-Watt Quest

Author: Russell Marsan
May, 2013 Issue

GreenTraks created the Kill-A-Watt Quest as a fun way for businesses and organizations to experience first-hand the benefits of energy management and sustainability programs.

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Green California Summit Coming to Sacramento

Author: Carl Smith
Apr, 2013 Issue

The 2013 Green California Summit will highlight the latest in green policy, technology and practice.

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The Business Case for Corporate Sustainability Tools

Author: Reg Shiverick
NBB Top 500, Mar, 2013

Today’s corporate sustainable practices have undergone a remarkable shift. Now, sustainability is being integrated into the bottom-line of businesses.

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One Bottle at a Time

Author: Taylor Decker
Mar, 2013 Issue

All glass that goes in and out of The Bottle Exchange warehouse is new, clean glass.

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What You Need to Know About SmartMeters

Author: Linda Tolliver Terry
Feb, 2013 Issue

Solar energy has long been a great investment and is even more valuable when used with SmartMeters.

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Efficient vs. Healthy: A Knockout Punch for Green Building

Author: Alex Stadtner
Jan, 2013 Issue

The green building community is entangled in a knock-down fight between efficient and healthy design.

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NorCal Green Building Challenge Fires Up

Author: Ashleigh Talberth
Dec, 2012 Issue

Northern California companies are rallying together to shake up the building industry (again!)

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Think Energy Conservation Before Generation

Author: Larry Dashiell
Nov, 2012 Issue

Did you know there are many ways to save money with energy conservation before installing a solar energy system? Here are some easy tips.

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"Green" Dean

Author: Dan Blake
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2012

Dean Biersch, owner of the popular Hopmonk Taverns in Sebastopol, Sonoma and soon to be in Novato has made “green” beer more than something served on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Restructuring the Food Cycle

Author: Dan Blake
Oct, 2012 Issue

Could uneaten food waste be used to make gardens and the environment healthier?

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Shift Happens at EcoFair Marin

Author: Susan Deluxe
Sep, 2012 Issue

The second annual EcoFair Marin takes place September 9.

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