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Fixing Food Requires a Systems Approach

Author: Dan Schurman
Jul, 2012 Issue

Sebastopol-based AIN works to bring people together to build a food system that works for all by engaging stakeholders from throughout the system at several levels.

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On the Chart, Off the Grid

Author: Bob Massaro
Jun, 2012 Issue

What makes a home sustainable? Healthy Buildings Technology Group of Napa developed OHOME using 30 years of experience and three years of focused effort to design and engineer.

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Riding the Solar Roller Coaster

Author: Linda Tolliver
NBB Best Of, May, 2012

2011 was a year full of huge ups and downs in the United States and world solar markets.

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From Backyard Transformations to Cityscape Makeovers

Author: Erin Axelrod
May, 2012 Issue

Now in its 11th year, Daily Acts mobilizes citizens into positive action with the reminder that every choice we make matters.

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Performance Metrics for Sustainable Winegrowing

Author: Courtesy of Wine Institute
Apr, 2012 Issue

CSWA’s metrics project will provide growers and vintners with tools to measure, manage and track their use of natural resources.

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Building Better Homes and Creating Happier Clients

Author: Andy Bannister
Mar, 2012 Issue

Some of the most progressive business practices are actually found in interactions with community and customers.

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Drive On

Feb, 2012 Issue

“Consumer demand [for EVs] is high. Nearly every automaker is producing or has announced plans to produce electric cars. And the current state of technology lets automakers produce EVs of various models that meet the needs of nearly all consumers.” —Dale W. Miller, president of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association

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Green Grooves

Author: Julie Fadda
Jan, 2012 Issue

San Francisco’s annual Outside Lands music, food, art and wine festival is your ticket to connecting with the millennial generation and to understanding what a truly green festival can be.

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Save Energy and Money

Author: Donna LaGraffe
Jan, 2012 Issue

The Energy Upgrade California program helps Sonoma County businesses reduce energy and save money.

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Now Entering Slow City

Author: Alana Coburn
Dec, 2011 Issue

Slow down, you move too fast.

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Green Myth Busters

Author: Chris Craiker, AIA/NCARB
Oct, 2011 Issue

Like imaginary monsters and myths about alligators in the sewer, the unexplored challenge of sustainability can scare people away from thinking about creating a better future.

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Complete Sustainable Cork Production

Author: Neil Foster
Special Wine Issue, Oct, 2011

Selling a sustainable and renewable product like cork is ideal, but M.A. SIlva Corks, USA also needed to “walk the talk” and incorporate a green, environmentally conscious mindset into its very essence

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Author: Susan Audrey
Sep, 2011 Issue

 The first-ever National Heirloom Exposition is slated for September 13-15 in Santa Rosa.

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Solar Energy in Schools

Author: Warren Brown
Aug, 2011 Issue

When it comes to conserving energy, there are many lessons to be learned.

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Green Foods, Green Company

Author: Zach Adelman
Jul, 2011 Issue

Being an organically certified, internationally sourced food producer started from the ground up.

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Modern Medicine and the Healing Power of Nature

Author: Green Valley Consulting Engineers
Jun, 2011 Issue

As the modern business of health care has shifted its focus to fiscal efficiency, we’ve slowly lost the  idea of healing through nature.

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Evolving the Urban Landscape

Author: Pierre R. Marizco
NBB Best Of, May, 2011

Practical tips to make your landscaping more eco-friendly.

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Green Building Trends for 2011

Author: Earth Advantage Institute
May, 2011 Issue

In January, Portland, Oregon-based Earth Advantage Institute announced its annual top 10 green building trends.

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Sustainability: The Never-Ending Journey

Author: Natasha Granoff
Apr, 2011 Issue

Since 2003, Sonoma Wine Company has been moving toward sustainability. It’s recently made major strides.

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Alvarado Street Bakery Gets Greener Every Year

Author: Michelle Zimmerman
NBB Top 500, Mar, 2011

Petaluma's Alvarado Street Bakery is a workers' cooperative that takes sustainability—in all its forms—seriously.

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Don't Change the Vehicle, Change the Fuel

Author: Darren Engle
Mar, 2011 Issue

Santa Rosa’s Blue Star Gas is helping vehicle fleets become more cost-effective and environmentally friendly with Autogas.

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Mindful Purchases

Author: Scott Leonard
Feb, 2011 Issue

Santa Rosa's Indigenous Designs is changing the world, one sweater at a time.

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Infineon Raceway Moves Toward Sustainability

Author: John Cardinale
Jan, 2011 Issue

Infineon Raceway is thinking outside the oval when it comes to sustainability.

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