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Guest Column: Let's Get Saralee and Richard's Barn Built

Author: Ross Liscum
Aug, 2015 Issue

Saralee McClelland Kunde’s dream of a center for local agricultural education can become a reality with your help.

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Guest Column: Your Business Name in the Clouds

Author: Roger Olson
Aug, 2015 Issue

Supporting our local air show will help in many ways.

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Guest Column: Computer Vision Syndrome

Author: Jeffrey Ricks, O.D.
Jul, 2015 Issue

Taking steps to ensure healthy vision is a must for computer users.

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Guest Column: Affordable Housing Is Good for Business

Author: Shirlee Zane
Jul, 2015 Issue

The housing crisis has business-related repercussions.

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Manage Industrial Storm Water Now

Author: Art Diecke
Jun, 2015 Issue

The deadline is here for implementing mandatory storm water management changes.

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Guest Column: Mindful Awareness

Author: Tim Carl
Apr, 2015 Issue

Your guide to bringing yourself into the present moment.

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The Biological, Economic and Political Case Against Vaccination

Author: Donald E. Harte
Apr, 2015 Issue

In response to “The Vaccination Debate” [Feb. 2015], here’s another viewpoint.

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Guest Column: Veterans Transportation Program

Author: Ross Liscum
Apr, 2015 Issue

Let’s help veterans get to their health care appointments safely and affordably.

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Our Roads, Our Business

Author: Jeff Blakeslee
Apr, 2015 Issue

It’s time to take action regarding Sonoma County’s crumbling roads.

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Guest Column: Sonoma County Alliance: Celebrating Its 40th Year of Stewardship, Intention and Leader

Author: Brian Ling and Marlene Soiland
Mar, 2015 Issue

How Sonoma County Alliance advocates for a strong local community.

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Guest Column: Common Ground

Author: Dr. Susan Dickson, MBA
Jan, 2015 Issue

How Private Ocean found its path surrounding partnering with nonprofit organizations.

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Guest Column: After the Napa Earthquake, Federal and State Tax Relief for Wineries

Author: Michael Ricioli and Renée Bartlett
Dec, 2014 Issue

Businesses and individuals affected by the Napa earthquake may be entitled to some financial help.

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Guest Column: Say

Author: Jeff Kunde and Dr. Frank Chong
Nov, 2014 Issue

The world—and Sonoma County—has changed tremendously since Measure A was passed 12 years ago.

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The Many Faces of Identity Theft

Author: Mike Runyan
Oct, 2014 Issue

Identity theft can—and will—happen to you if you don’t take the right precautions.

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The Pathway Home

Author: Ross Liscum
Sep, 2014 Issue

Supporting The Pathway Home is a noble way to help veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan get the help they need to return to society and thrive.

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Support for Sonoma County's Military Veterans

Author: Ross Liscum
Aug, 2014 Issue

There's a general lack of knowledge about what services are available for our veterans here in Sonoma County.

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Industrial Storm Water Permitting Changes

Author: Arthur Deicke
Jul, 2014 Issue

Your guide to the new regulations regarding industrial storm water permits.

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Who Will Be the Frank P. Doyle of the 21st Century?

Author: Bob Reynolds
Jun, 2014 Issue

Supporting early childhood education should be a priority for North Bay businesses.

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Rancho Feeding Corp.'s Recall Affects Us All

Author: Adam Parks
Apr, 2014 Issue

Know where your meat comes from and take action with your dollars.

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To Oppose a Tribe and Its Casino

Author: Correy Alcantra
May, 2013 Issue

The Indian Casino next door and how it may affect you.

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Cars and Bicycles—Let’s Get Along

Author: Sandra Lupien
Dec, 2012 Issue

It’s time for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to get along.

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Double Recovery?

Author: Neil Hennessy
Apr, 2012 Issue

The United States is headed for a double recovery—and it’s about time.

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Less Certainty Stifles Job Creation

Author: John Bly
Mar, 2012 Issue

John Bly speaks out on his views regarding job creation in the North Bay.

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In Changing Times, the Status Quo Is Not an Option

Author: Bruce Burtch
Dec, 2011 Issue

The public wants to buy products and services from organizations that support a worthy cause. Smart companies know this and nonprofits need to learn it.

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