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Nov 14, 2018,
San Rafael
Conservation Corps North Bay
Conservation Corps North Bay Announces Two New Board Members


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Conservation Corps North Bay Announces Two New Board Members 


San Rafael, CA – Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB), the oldest local youth conservation corps in the United States, recently added two Board Members whose expertise supports the organizations’ mission to empower local youth and strengthen the environment. 

John Mutz is a retired Station Commander with the Los Angeles Police Department who led restorative justice practices with a focus on preventing youth from entering the Criminal Justice System. He has lectured throughout the country regarding leading change in the police culture and has led numerous community dialogues in connection with civil unrest. He was recognized for his leadership by the California Council for Quality & Service (CCQS) for the implementation of Continuous Improvement Process in Policing. 

John has a master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialization in Criminal Justice. He lives in Sonoma County with his wife and children.

 Leela Stake is a partner at FleishmanHillard and shares leadership of the agency’s pioneering purpose and impact work with companies, foundations, and nonprofits. She was previously chair of the Global Sustainable Growth & Corporate Responsibility practice at APCO Worldwide. Her 15 years of experience includes work on issues facing people and our planet, including education, environmental sustainability, responsible tech, social enterprise, and women’s empowerment. She worked at The Asia Foundation in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

Leela graduated with an MA and BA from Stanford University. She serves on the Advisory Council of REDF and lives in Marin with her partner and two children.

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