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Nov 19, 2018,
Santa Rosa
The City POS
The City POS Launches New Website


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The City POS

Justin Richardson









SAN RAFAEL, CA, November 19, 2018- The City POS announced today it has relaunched its website. 


Founded in 2003, The City POS provides businesses of the greater San Francisco Bay and Seattle regions, credit card processing and point of sale solutions. They are recognized for their excellent customer service, customizable products, expertise and support. They build relationships with their merchants that allow them to identify the right technology and products that will work best for each individual business.


Designed and developed by Keith Brinker of KB Creative Designs, the new The City POS website features a clean design aesthetic, responsive on all devices, point of sale brand overviews, featured solutions and a blog. The credit card processing and merchant services industry is always evolving and offering information for businesses to quickly understand terminology and opportunities was the emphasis when redesigning the website.


“We had outgrown our old website. We needed to be able to provide our customers easy to access information and support both in their offices and on the go.  We also wanted to be able to share updates and engage with prospective clients”, said Justin Richardson, President at The City POS. “This new website encompasses all of those things and reflects the mission of The City POS which is to provide top tiered products, service and support to our credit card processing and point of sale clients”.


The updated website showcases The City POS’ point of sale brands like Clover, Focus and their own The City POS software. Viewers can also stay up to date on news, view customer testimonials, learn about their expert team and reach out to a representative easily.


Visit to view the new website.


About The City POS


A trusted payment processing and point of sale leader since 2005, The City POS provides local merchants excellent customer service, customizable products and expertise. They establish relationships to identify the right technology and products that will work best for each individual business.

The City POS’s skilled team of experts stay on top of the evolving payment processing industry trends, so they are able to offer the best solutions and value for business’ needs. Dedicated to providing a concierge level of service to the merchants in their local communities, The City POS is available to facilitate requests and offer support 24/7. Their service team is devoted to providing unparalleled attention which has resulted in The City POS maintaining an attrition rate of less than 1%.

The City POS’s mission to offer local merchants with the best service, technology and convenience allows for a long-term partnership that businesses can trust.



Please contact Justin Richardson at 707.239.0022 or for inquiries.







Contact Information
Name: Justin Richardson     Email:
Phone: 7072390022


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