• For the Love of Pie

    Pie is the classic American dessert. And if you’re from the North Bay, chances are you’ve enjoyed your fair share of Kozlowski Farms pies over the years. Lovers of these homemade-style pies and tarts will be happy to know that while the farm store, a local institution since 1949, is now closed, the legacy of Kozlowski baked goods will continue on thanks to a new partnership with Healdsburg’s Costeaux French Bakery.

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  • Taking the Waters at Indian Springs Resort

    Since the early 1860s, the 17-acre geyser-fed Indian Springs Resort has welcomed people from near and far to come, relax and restore themselves. Located at the top end of the Napa Valley, in the City of Calistoga, the resort is surrounded by hills, trees and spewing geysers. Today, it occupies the exact spot chosen by the founder of Calistoga, the colorful Sam Brannan, when he came to the area in the mid-1800s and fell in love with the potential of the place.

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  • Healdsburg Then and Now

    On a bend in the Russian River with the Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Chalk Hill American Viticulture Areas on its periphery, Healdsburg has much to offer. It’s a magnet for those seeking a Wine Country experience, but at the same time, residents treasure its small-town charm and quality of life. Those interests produce competing visions of what the town should be, and residents are often concerned that abundant visitors will impact the small-town ambiance.

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  • Downtown Santa Rosa

    When a new agency of the federal government called Housing and Urban Development was established in the 1960s, one of its tenets was an urban renewal program, created in part to provide funding for sprucing up old downtown areas across the nation. The City of Santa Rosa decided its Courthouse Square needed some renewal, and subsequently divided the space by building a new motorway through the middle to connect Mendocino Avenue to Santa Rosa Avenue.

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  • Still Sonoma Strong

    The firestorm was declared fully contained two weeks later on Nov. 6. In that time, nearly 78,000 acres were destroyed; 180,000 people were evacuated (including 300 inmates in the North County jail); and 374 buildings were destroyed (174 homes and 11 businesses). Once again, Sonoma County fell to its knees.

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  • How to Save a Park: Broadway Style

    As the sun sets behind Sonoma Mountain, a talented group of professional singers and dancers perform on a stage set within the old winery ruins at Glen Ellen’s Jack London Historic State Park. Transcendence Theatre Company’s production of Broadway Under the Stars includes hits from legacy musicals such as Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins and Les Misérables to name a few.

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  • Restoration Hardware

    U.S. brick-and-mortar retailers are in retreat. Pier 1 Imports is planning on closing more than 140 stores and Z Gallery is shuttering 44 locations. Sears filed for bankruptcy, joining Gymboree and Payless Shoes. Closure of retail stores across the country hit a 10-year high in 2018, according to Citylab. Don’t bring this to RH chairman and CEO Gary Friedman, “The death of retail is overrated,” he told shoppers in September 2018 in one of his famed letters. The brand formerly known as Restoration Hardware has its own language. Catalogs are Source Books. Stores are Galleries. And RH has more Collections than the Smithsonian.

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  • Succession Planning

    Starting a business and developing it into a prosperous enterprise is a major accomplishment. And so, the desire to pass it on to the next generation and see it continue to grow comes naturally. It’s a legacy that has the potential to provide security for a family, but it takes more than handing over the keys to the door. Rather, careful long-term planning for succession provides the best chance for the transition to succeed and a business to endure.

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  • Operation Varsity Blues

    McGlashan was scooped up by federal agents in March 2019 and is currently facing a variety of federal charges, and he’s not alone in the North Bay. Diane and Todd Blake of Ross were also arrested and are out on bail. Agustin Huneeus Jr., of Huneeus Vintners in Napa, is as they say, already inside. Those are just four of the defendants in the scandal known as the Varsity Blues, a bribery and fraud fest that ensnared almost 50 suspects across the country, all in the name of getting kids into the right school.

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  • On the Road to Aging Well

    Since ancient times, humanity sought the fountain of youth. Originally the term was used in a literal sense, referencing a spring with the power to eliminate years of aging for those who took a drink or bathed in its waters. The Spanish learned such tales from the writings of Herodotus and famously searched in vain for the magical cascade in the 16th century. Though science broke the news long ago that no such fountain exists, we nonetheless yearn for similar results and seek ways to preserve our vigor and appearance—ideally living longer and more fulfilling lives. Mike Charleton, a 50-year-old Windsor resident and nationally ranked cyclist, found his modern version of the eternal spring.

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  • The Heroes Next Door

    Firefighters are our heroes. They face the menace of raging wildfires while others seek safety, and every day, they assist individuals experiencing traumatic events. Incredibly, many firefighters perform their duty without pay or the promise of pensions. The National Fire Protection Association reports that the United States contained more than 1 million firefighters in 2017, and 65 percent were volunteers, with small communities depending on them most.

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  • Soft Skills

    As the tail end of the Millennial generation graduates college and enters the American workforce, one thing seems to be clear: It is long past the time to go hard on soft skills. The generation that was weaned on technology and grew up with smartphones is wired with all the hard skills one can imagine, from computer programming to accounting.  But somewhere along the line, many didn’t learn about the need to show up on time, dress appropriately and make an effort to play well with others.

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  • G and C Auto Body

    The auto body repair business has history that extends back more than a century. Horseless carriages were initially reserved for the wealthy, and chauffeurs doubled as mechanics. In 1972, following a stint in the military, Gene Crozat returned to his hometown of Santa Rosa with a pack of smokes and $1.40 in his pocket. He learned car painting and auto repair skills in the Air Force, and sensing a prosperous opportunity, Gene set up an auto repair body shop with partner Leo Gassel. Though Gassel retired three years later, Gassel and Crozat Auto Body, better known as G&C Auto Body, was born.

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  • Gentle Giants

     At Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Petaluma, a nonprofit, horses and volunteers offer life-changing programming to 139 clients each week. “Giant Steps was founded on the belief that caring for and riding horses can be a powerful, life-changing tool,” says Beth Porter, executive director. Founded in 1998, the program initially relied on 19 volunteers and conducted 100 lessons annually. Today, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s grown to be the North Bay’s largest therapeutic equestrian facility, lending their life-changing services to more community members than ever.

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  • Made Local

    Despite an increase in online commerce, with customers comparing prices from around the world and buying from the convenience of their home, there is still a substantial market niche for local artisanal wares. Many customers are seeking those one-of-a-kind items, especially for gifts—unique products lovingly made with care and not found in the Amazon world.

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  • Stars in Our Eyes

    Indeed, viewing Saturn’s rings, as well as nebulae, clusters of stars and other galaxies millions of light years away at the top of the Mayacamas Mountains is truly breathtaking—an experience not soon forgotten. O’Shea hopes to get the secret out and have more people involved, including showing businesses how intellectually important the facility is to educational outreach

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North Bay News and Stories

Adapting to Change is Paramount in the Wine Industry

For several decades, change has come gradually to the wine industry, but in the last few years the need for adaptation is accelerating. With the threat of yearly fires, ongoing intermittent power outages, changing demographics, shifting consumer preferences and growing health concerns over wine consumption the need to understand and adapt to these changes is paramount for grape growers, winery owners and everyone in between.

Karah Estate Vineyards

Karah purchased the estate and planted grapes 30 years ago, well before the American Viticultural Area it lies in, the Petaluma Gap, was certified.  Now 85 years of age, Karah has placed his winery in Brodie’s hands. Each has international ties, with Karah hailing from Libya and Brodie gaining inspiration for winemaking from her South African parents.

Sushi Koshō

Yuzo kosho is a spicy, acidic condiment that enlivens any dish and is commonly used in Japan. It’s also the inspiration behind Sushi Koshō, a Japanese jewel of a restaurant in Sebastopol, which recently reopened. When heavy rain flooded the industrial-chic outdoor market in February last year, Sushi Koshō was forced to close five months after opening, but chef-owner Jake Rand took it in stride and made use of the down time. “We were open just long enough to learn how to improve the customer experience,” he says. “We used this calamity as an opportunity to make design changes that helped us improve our operation.”

Kincade Aftermath: Community Leaders Speak Out

The Kincade fire ignited on October 23 and raged for two weeks. During that time, nearly 78,000 acres were destroyed and roughly 187,000 people were evacuated. The fire was contained on Nov. 6, and this time, no lives were lost, but it’s the second major firestorm to strike the area in the last two years. NorthBay biz asked community leaders to share their thoughts as Sonoma County recovers and takes steps to rebuild, once again.

A Little Bit of This and a Bunch of That

Your Marin Moment featuring new apartment complexes, Amazon\'s move to brick and mortar and the continuation of Public Safety Power Shutoffs

The Wrath of Mother Nature

All the PG&E bashing that dominated conversations, hushed and humbled detractors, as our fire fighters and first responders went to war with Mother Nature to not only save the day, but hundreds of homes. Two weeks later, when the smoke from the Kincade fire settled and containment was within reach, I experienced my first stop-the-presses moment when I realized my column was about to go to print. My rant about PSPSs felt not only outdated, but inappropriate given many were reeling, regrouping and re-entering their homes and businesses after evacuating. My editor thankfully granted me the opportunity to make some modifications. Even still, I’d like to apologize for last month’s column, which may have felt ill-timed and unwarranted, especially to those who felt the palpable effects of the fire.  

Likes After Death

When someone passed 25 years ago or so, before the internet was an everyday fact of life, there were paper records such as mail, invoices and bank statements to help piece things together.  In the modern world, our affairs can be conducted largely online, leaving a scant physical trail to follow. Without knowledge of what accounts exist, and how to access them, relatives may have a hard time figuring out what needs to be done.

Kim Mazzuca

A firmly-established nonprofit, 10,000 Degrees is led by president and chief executive officer, Kim Mazzuca. Born in San Francisco, she’s transitioned to a North Bay lifestyle seamlessly, living in the region since 1995, first in San Rafael and now Petaluma. Mazzuca attended college in the city, too, earning her master’s degrees and completing doctoral studies at the University of San Francisco after attending SF State University. Along the way, she developed a passion for addressing systematic societal injustices that still marginalize vulnerable populations. As CEO at 10,000 Degrees, Mazzuca guided the organization in helping 25,000-plus students and their families gain access to higher education since 1999. Growing a community where everyone belongs is a continuing point of accomplishment for Mazzuca.


From the local North Bay, these are the leading nonprofit stories and organizations.


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The Comprehensive Guide to the Super Bowl

One of the biggest holidays is looming, the Super Bowl. From catering to wild gambles to the ever increasing commercial costs, this comprehensive guide is for all fans, diehard and casual, to begin their annual preperations.

Build Your Dream with a Vision and Take Action

Action is the glue that holds this triangle together and creates the stability. When you start out with a dream, the result is a vision statement. Only action will make this move in the direction you wish. Here’s how to take action to make your dream a reality.

Business and Nonprofits: A Winning Partnership

Welcome in—to our annual "Business and Nonprofits” issue, which features a collection of stories about several nonprofits and the important role they play in the North Bay. Like every community, the North Bay has an array of challenges that its civic, civilian and business leaders must tackle. But our profound ability to partner with nonprofit organizations and work together for the greater good of communities isn\'t one of them. We are especially good at this!

Responses to “The Circus is Back in Town”

The following letters are in response to “The Circus is Back in Town,” which ran in Publisher’s Forum, December 2019.  




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The Heroes Next Door

Firefighters are our heroes. They face the menace of raging wildfires while others seek safety, and every day, they assist individuals experiencing traumatic events. Incredibly, many firefighters perf...

Stars in Our Eyes

Indeed, viewing Saturn’s rings, as well as nebulae, clusters of stars and other galaxies millions of light years away at the top of the Mayacamas Mountains is truly breathtaking—an experie...

How to Save a Park: Broadway Style

As the sun sets behind Sonoma Mountain, a talented group of professional singers and dancers perform on a stage set within the old winery ruins at Glen Ellen’s Jack London Historic State Park. T...

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