How Strong is Your Password?

Columnist: Mike E. Duffy
Dec, 2019 Issue

I don’t think anyone really likes passwords, at least not with as many as we each have to carry around these days. A password is just a fairly unsophisticated way of telling a computer that you are who you say you are, a process known as “authentication.”

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Innovation in Banking

Author: Lawrence Amaturo
Oct, 2019 Issue

Banking. Insurance. Investing. This month we dig into three of the primary industries that support and stabilize the North Bay, and I welcome you to this very important issue. Stale topics? Hardly. Industry leaders must innovate to merely survive in these fast-paced times. Gone are the days of half-day Fridays and we\'ll-figure-it-out-after-our-golf-round Wednesdays.

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Banking on Cannabis

Author: Jean Saylor Doppenberg
Oct, 2019 Issue

At any time of day, the average looking car or van driving near you on a city street or zipping past you on Highway 101 could be filled with a half-million dollars of legal cannabis industry cash. Stacks and stacks of bills gathered from cannabis retailers and manufacturers zigzag here and there, being transported from one private safe haven to another because the typical federally-insured consumer bank will not accept large amounts of paper money from this industry.

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Refreshing a Brand

Author: Jean Saylor Doppenberg
Oct, 2019 Issue

Why does a company rebrand itself? For Santa Rosa-based Summit State Bank, it was a desire to update a “tired” image, says Roni Brown, the bank’s senior vice president and marketing director, and a veteran of the banking industry.

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Chris Call

Author: Luke Straub
Aug, 2019 Issue

Chris Call moved to Sonoma County in 1992, and he’s done well in making the North Bay his home. A Utah native and chief executive officer at North Bay Credit Union, Call lives in the Dry Creek Valley and spends much of his free time playing tennis and exploring wineries that surround him. As for his field of business, Call became interested in finance when he worked his way through college at the operations center of a bank, and the industry runs in his family—his uncle was the CEO of a credit union, as well. Having been in the business for 30 years, Call has seen a lot, including the legalization of recreational cannabis in California. He responded by creating the only cannabis-banking program in the Bay Area. In addition to Call’s passion for tennis, which compelled him to attend the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy in Spain, he’s also an active member of the Rotary Club and loves to spend time with his two dogs, Ellie and Teddy.

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The World Financial Rollercoaster

Columnist: Lawrence Amaturo
Feb, 2019 Issue

You’re gonna want to stay alert this year and remember to keep your head on a swivel throughout 2019. It’s ramping up to be quite a roller coaster around the globe, particularly in Washington, Sacramento and right here in the North Bay.

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Identity Theft

Author: Stephanie Derammelaere
Oct, 2018 Issue

When Santa Rosa resident Lexie Pence received a notice in the mail from Cream’s Towing Company with information about how much it would cost and where to pick up her truck that was towed, she thought it was some kind of mistake. She didn’t have anything towed, and she didn’t even own a truck. She called Cream’s and was informed that the truck in question indeed was registered to her. All of a sudden, she put two and two together. She had lost her license a couple weeks earlier. At the time, she thought she had simply misplaced it, but later discovered she had accidentally dropped it, as well as a debit card, in a store parking lot.

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Creating Your Financial Future Now

Columnist: Chuck Root
Oct, 2018 Issue

Why is it that 97 percent of the population is unable to retire at a desired income? You can think all day about retirement, but if you don’t take action, your dreams will go nowhere. Having worked with people for more than 50 years, I’ve learned that there are often three roadblocks that get in the way of planning your future—the context of your life, complacency and failure to set goals. Let’s take a look at each, and see what can be done to make changes to make sure your future turn out the way you want.

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The Wine Label and Your Finances

Columnist: Monty & Sara Preiser
Mar, 2018 Issue

Picture a leisurely trip to the wine store to purchase a bottle of WXYZ Zinfandel. Your clerk says he would be happy to get it for you, but asks whether you prefer the entry level, the Estate, a Reserve, or an Old Vines. Since the price of each category is higher than the last, your simple trip to buy a bottle for burger night is no longer so easy. Should you pay the extra money? Is each wine truly better than the one named before? And, maybe the most important question, “Even if each bottle is somewhat better, is the more expensive one worth the price differential?”

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The Art of Investing Today

Columnist: Tim Delaney
Jul, 2017 Issue

The investment industry has changed over the last few decades. Academic research regarding stocks and investment management has spurred on these changes. One of the implications from extensive research is that professional money managers cannot consistently outguess and beat the stock market. \JDH Wealth Management is now in its 18th year of business. When I look back over those years, I’m amazed at where we started and where we are today. I also think back to the many changes to our world during this time.

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