Kim Mazzuca

Author: Luke Straub
Jan, 2020 Issue

A firmly-established nonprofit, 10,000 Degrees is led by president and chief executive officer, Kim Mazzuca. Born in San Francisco, she’s transitioned to a North Bay lifestyle seamlessly, living in the region since 1995, first in San Rafael and now Petaluma. Mazzuca attended college in the city, too, earning her master’s degrees and completing doctoral studies at the University of San Francisco after attending SF State University. Along the way, she developed a passion for addressing systematic societal injustices that still marginalize vulnerable populations. As CEO at 10,000 Degrees, Mazzuca guided the organization in helping 25,000-plus students and their families gain access to higher education since 1999. Growing a community where everyone belongs is a continuing point of accomplishment for Mazzuca.

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Innovation in Banking

Columnist: Lawerence Amaturo
Oct, 2019 Issue

Banking. Insurance. Investing. This month we dig into three of the primary industries that support and stabilize the North Bay, and I welcome you to this very important issue. Stale topics? Hardly. Industry leaders must innovate to merely survive in these fast-paced times. Gone are the days of half-day Fridays and we\'ll-figure-it-out-after-our-golf-round Wednesdays.

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May, 2018 Issue

Welcome to the third annual May Women Business Leaders issue—a celebration of successful, influential North Bay women. The following section features business leaders who are making an impact on the North Bay. We asked these women to speak out and answer two of the following three questions: •What advice do you have for young women following your professional footsteps today? •Do you believe women are still trying to make it in a man’s world? •What changes would you like to see made for women in the workforce in the years ahead?

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Community Leaders Speak Out

Dec, 2017 Issue

The destruction from the October wildfires is staggering, destroying neighborhoods and businesses, and leaving mountains of ash and debris. NorthBay biz asked community leaders to share their thoughts on this life-changing tragedy as the North Bay recovers and takes steps to rebuild.

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Leaders of Tomorrow: Jose Gomez

Author: Judith M. Wilson
Nov, 2017 Issue

When Jose Gomez resurrected Novato High School’s chapter of Friday Night Live (FNL), he took on a challenge—convincing local liquor storeowners to make alcohol less attractive to teenagers. Gomez, 19, was a freshman, when he discovered FNL at a school club fair. FNL’s focus on developing leaders and encouraging healthy lifestyles, impressed him, so he joined and spent time raising awareness of issues related to teenage alcohol consumption and conducting a survey to find out if stores were aware of the laws. FNL disbanded after difficulties with a transition in leadership and the coordinator’s reassignment and was dormant for a year. However, Gomez and his friend, Jack Anderson, revived it when they were juniors, recognizing that alcohol and drugs are a majort part of teenage social life, and FNL could convince young people that booze and drugs aren’t the only way to have a good time.

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Our Disingenuous Leaders

Columnist: Bob Andrews
Nov, 2017 Issue

 “Disingenuous” means sly, dishonest or insincere. These days I see examples of disingenuous political actors and actions almost everywhere I look.

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Guest Column: Meditation: Sage Principles for Leadership

Author: Lorraine Alexander
May, 2017 Issue

Leadership is not a mindset, but instead, it’s a way of being. Leadership takes a spirit that is open and flexible. Neutrality and a willingness to embrace change; this is the path to leadership. To achieve this altruistic way of being, you must place your pride aside. For many, this is easier said than done.

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May 2017 Leaders

May, 2017 Issue

Welcome to the second annual May Women Business Leaders issue—a celebration of successful and influential North Bay women. Last year, we spotlighted a number of business leaders on these pages, and the feedback from our readers was so powerful we’re devoting this section to another sampling of women, making an impact on the North Bay. We asked these business leaders to answer two of the following questions:

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Investing in the Future

Author: Cerrissa Kim
Jan, 2017 Issue

Nonprofits and businesses working together to support at-risk youth. Research shows that youth who engage in their communities are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, drop out of high school or be involved in criminal behavior. Involved youth also perform better academically and have lower rates of teen pregnancy. The North Bay is fortunate to have many outstanding organizations working to meet the needs of at-risk youth, providing tools that will help them become self-sufficient and offering them the support they need to become our next generation of leaders. 

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